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Shipping Container – Buy Shipping Container.

Firstly. Shipping Container.

Shipping Container, 40ft containers are the most popular shipping containers that we offer for sale. 40FT CONTAINER FOR SALE We stock 20ft containers at our main container depot near Stowmarket in Suffolk as well as depots in London, Southampton, the Midlands, Liverpool and Leeds. 20FT CONTAINER FOR SALE

BUY HIPPING CONTAINER All our new 20ft  containers are plated for shipping and most of our used 20ft containers can be inspected and issued with a CSC plate before sale. 20ft last way shipping containers (shippers own containers) are also available and ideal for one way trip export to remote areas or for use by aid agencies. Whilst many containers remain in shipping use the vast majority are used for UK based storage purposes (see our 20ft self storage container with a bamboo floor – ideal for self-storage companies)


If you need help or advice about your storage needs please browse the website, complete an online enquiry, or call our expert container sales team to discuss your requirements. Any new or used 20ft container can be fitted with a range of standard container accessories including electrics and shelving, or for a complete transformation by our container conversion team please send an online enquiry. BUY HIPPING CONTAINER 

Nothing fits the bill better than 40-foot  containers when the job calls for capacity. Interport’s spacious 40-foot shipping containers suit numerous needs including the storage of raw material, excess inventory, equipment, and machinery. Interport offers a large array of 40-foot shipping container types, new and used: standard (dry), high-cube, double-door, high-cube double-door, insulated, refrigerated, high-cube refrigerated, open-top, and collapsible-end flat rack.

 containers for all needs – Shipping Container

Something old, something new, something infinitely reliable! We supply both new and used shipping containers for practically any purpose and to any specification. Our shipping containers are designed for transport and storage, and each is inspected and certified for its intended purpose so that you can sleep easy.

Brand new shipping containers offer more than just a practical way of moving goods from A to B. They are also striking to look at and can be converted into, for example, a recreational space or a pop-up shop.

Used containers are a cost-effective solution when you need a high standard transport and storage space that doesn’t break the bank. Used containers can also be converted into whatever you need, and we are happy to help you to find the right one.


Looking for a safe and secure storage solution? Our 40 ft high cube container is perfect for on-site storage. ​​Our used wind and water (WWT) tight high cube containers are typically 12 years or older, come in original paint, and have original shipping line markings, dings, dents, and some surface rust. It is one foot taller than a standard 40ft  container, with an exterior height of 9’6″. These containers are ideal for storing or transporting taller items that cannot fit in standard-height containers.

Our used WWT shipping containers are guaranteed not to leak and have been professionally inspected before they are delivered to our customers. Also, the doors are in good working order and will keep your belongings dry and safe.

Request your free quote today and discover more about our dependable

40ft containers were originally designed to transport goods across the open ocean on ships. They are lightweight, strong, weatherproof and stackable. They quickly became very popular for furniture removalists, who could transport furniture safely between two locations on the back of a truck. And now they are commonly used for onsite storage, in commercial, industrial and residential settings

40ft  containers for sale

A new shipping container will ensure quality and longevity, while a used container will save you money.

For cargo to be transported internationally, the container must have a valid CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate, which verifies that safety inspections have been performed. Our ‘New’ grade containers ensure CSC approval, as well as clean interiors.

While our ‘B’ grade containers may have marked interiors & some exterior corrosion, they remain windtight & watertight.

For less critical applications, you may save cost with a ‘C’ grade container, which will show more advanced corrosion.

Where To Buy Containers – Order Container.

Built from weathering carbon steel, these units are secure from wind, water, vermin and thieves.

The longer and less commonly available 40ft container is suited to large sites with ample space for onsite storage. Measuring just over 12 metres long, these usually do not suit standard residential blocks, although they can be squeezed onto large driveways in some cases.

Given the large internal volume, they are often used for more than just household or business goods storage. They are an affordable and ready-made alternate solution to sheds or workshops. They can store machinery and equipment parts, or be used for site offices or accommodation away from the main building, with some minor modifications.

Whatever you store in your 40ft shipping container, you can rest assured it will be safe.


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