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Recycled LDPE Film Roll Material

LDPE Film Scrap Rolls Available for Sale
We offer high-quality LDPE Film Scrap on rolls, ensuring exceptional purity and freedom from any contaminants. Our LDPE Film Scrap is derived solely from post-industrial sources, presenting a pristine natural white color. It is meticulously processed to eliminate any impurities or mixed materials.

Our LDPE Film Rolls come in various specifications:
1. LDPE transparent film rolls with a thickness ranging from 15mic to 30mic (jumbo roll).
2. LDPE transparent film rolls with a thickness of 65mic to 80mic (jumbo roll).
3. LDPE transparent film rolls with a thickness of 120mic to 200mic.
4. Width options span from 400mm to 6000mm.
5. Roll dimensions include a diameter (D) of 150mm to 300mm and a length (L) from 400mm to 1520mm.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your LDPE Film Scrap requirements.


LDPE Film Roll Scrap – Recycled LDPE Film Roll Material.

LDPE Film Roll Scrap.

Paper materials that are commonly used for packing electronic goods such as refrigerators and televisions, are afterwards throwed away by the consumers, which results in  generating a large volume of waste paper materials. LDPE Film Roll Scrap

ALSECO in collaboration with renowned recycling facilities makes possible scrap paper reuse by means of an accurate selection which prevents cutting down new paper trees and brings down the problem of environmental waste.

ALSECO is a direct exporter of scrap papers, such as occ, hard mix, soft mix and ONP.

Thanks to our collaboration with many renowned producers we are able to supply a large amount of  Metric Tons so we can satisfy our customers’ demands and standard qualities.

Ldpe Film Roll Scrap Supplier. We offer best quality Plastic Scrap at affordable prices to clients worldwide.

Specification Details
Material LDPE Film Roll Scrap
Quality Excellent, free from contaminants
Source 100% post-industrial LDPE film
Color Natural white
Contamination 100% free from contamination or mix material
Thickness Range (jumbo roll) 15mic to 30mic, 65mic to 80mic, 120mic to 200mic
Width Range 400mm to 6000mm
Roll Dimensions (Diameter x Length) D 150-300mm, L 400-1520mm
Preferred Density Range 18 to 25kg/m3
Clean & Dry Unused Off-Cuts 100%
Color (Foam) Mixed
Foam Skins None
Re-bonded PU Foam Scrap None
Bare Skins None
Ester-type Foam None
Hydrophilic Foam None
Laminated Fabric/Foam None
Laminated Vinyl/PVC/Foam None
Reticulated Foam None
Visco-elastic Foam None
Foreign Matter/Contamination Absolutely None
Factory Sweepings Absolutely None
Recycled, Old, or Used Foam Absolutely None
Packaging Compressed by bales
Bale Weight 250 to 300kgs per bale
Loading Quantity 40′ High Cube containers, no less than 18,000kgs

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality LDPE Film Roll Scrap and welcome long-term business relationships with buyers from around the world. Please feel free to contact us for pricing and additional details.


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Recycled LDPE Film Roll Material Recycled LDPE Film Roll Material
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