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Aluminium Ingot A7 99.7% And A8 99.8%

Aluminum Ingots – A7 99.7% and A8 99.8% – Aluminium Alloy Ingot For Sale

We specialize in providing a diverse range of high-quality aluminum scrap products. Our scraps are meticulously crafted using top-grade materials, ensuring their exceptional durability. They are available in various sizes, all competitively priced. Before reaching our customers, our products undergo rigorous quality checks, meeting industry standards.

Whether you require Aluminum Ingots, A7 99.7%, A8 99.8%, or Aluminium Alloy Ingots, we’ve got you covered. Our commitment to quality and competitive pricing sets us apart. Contact us for more information and to place your order.


Aluminium Ingot – Aluminium Ingot A7 99.7% and A8 99.8%.

Aluminium ingots play a pivotal role in the recycling and sustainability of the aluminium industry. Once collected and sorted, aluminium scrap is processed in a melting furnace, reaching temperatures between 1300 to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This process transforms the scrap into molten aluminium, which is then cast into large slabs referred to as ingots or billets.

The remarkable aspect of aluminium is that it maintains its performance and strength through multiple recycling cycles. The same piece of aluminium can be reprocessed numerous times, leading to significant cost savings and environmental benefits. Secondary aluminium production not only consumes less energy but also reduces landfill waste, minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, and diminishes the need for expensive international transportation.

Product Description:

  • Product Name: Pure Aluminum A7 Ingot 99.9%
  • Chemical Composition: Al (Aluminum)
  • Weight: 20/25kg
  • Aluminum Purity (Min): 99%-99.9%
  • Appearance: Silvery white

Aluminum ingots for remelting are produced through molten salt electrolysis using alumina and cryolite. Our products adhere to national standards (GB/T1196-2002) and feature clean and smooth surfaces.

Item Specifications:

  • Item: A7 Aluminum Ingot 99.7% High Quality
  • Standards: GB/T 3190-2008, JIS H4040:2006, JIS H4001:2006, ASTM B221M:2006, ASTM B209M:2006, ISO 209:2007(E), EN 573-3:2003, etc.
  • Material: 1000 Series
  • Size: Customizable, with thickness ranging from 0.1-200mm and width from 0.1-2000mm.
  • Surface: Bright, polished, hairline, brush, sandblast, checkered, embossed, etching, etc.
  • Application: Mainly used for melting ingots, discontinuous melting with scrap, easy control, and fast melting. Suitable for industries such as automobile, weaving, electronics, and more.
  • Exported to: Worldwide

Packaging Details:

  • Packing: 25KG/INGOT, 1000KG or 1050KG/bundle, or as per your requirements

Chemical Composition:

  • Al (Aluminum): 99.9%
  • Fe (Iron): 0.07%
  • Si (Silicon): 0.05%
  • Cu (Copper): 0.005%
  • Ga (Gallium): 0.02%
  • Mg (Magnesium): 0.01%
  • Zn (Zinc): 0.025%
  • Others: 0.016%
  • Total: 0.01%

We also supply a range of other ingots, including Magnesium Ingot, Lead Ingot, Manganese Ingot, Cobalt Ingot, Copper Ingot, Zinc Ingot, Nickel Ingot, Stainless Steel Ingot, Brass Ingot, Bronze Ingot, Tin Ingot, and Silicon Ingot.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We aim to respond within 24 hours and look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you.

Additionally, we offer various other products, such as Zinc Ingot 99.995% Purity, Copper Ingot 99.99% Purity, Aluminium Extrusion Scrap 6061, Stainless Steel Ingot, and TIN Ingot 99.99% Pure (CAS #: 7440-31-5).

Aluminium Ingot

We keep aluminium ingots of varying purities in our stock. These ingots are used to produce aluminium flat products, billets, alloyed ingots, aluminium powder as well cathotic protection.

Aluminium Primary Ingot

P1020  ( min % 99.7   Al )
P0610  ( min % 99.8   Al )
P0406  ( min % 99.85 Al )

22-24 kg Standard Ingot

Aluminium Ingot Supplier

We are also able to acquire for you purer alloys (P0302, P0101) upon request. Please contact our sales representative for requests other than standard ingots such as Tbars or 15kg ingots.

Aluminium Ingot Pricing

All of our aluminium billets are based upon daily CIF prices and follow the formula

Areas of Use

  • Aluminium Foundry Alloy Production
  • Aluminium Billet Casting
  • Aluminium Coil, Sheet and Circle Production
  • Aluminium Wire Rod and Wire Production
  • Aluminium zinc alloy production (Zamak) ve Hot Galvanizing Facilities
  • Electrical Motor Rotor Production
  • Aluminium Powder ve Paste Production


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Aluminium Ingot A7 99.7% And A8 99.8% Aluminium Ingot A7 99.7% And A8 99.8%
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