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Virgin LLDPE Granules/Recycled LLDPE Granules

We provide a high-quality selection of Black Polypropylene (PP) Granules, Colored PP Granules, HD Blowing Granules, Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Granules, ABS Granules, HD Molding Granules, and more.

Virgin LLDPE Granules- Recycled LLDPE Granules.

Virgin LLDPE Granules.

Virgin LLDPE Granules. We offer a qualitative range of Black PP Granules, Color PP Granules, HD Blowing Granules, LLDPE Granules, ABS Granules, HD Moulding Granules, etc. Virgin LLDPE Granules

Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) has a highly diverse chain structure with a combination of both small and large side chains.  The density of LLDPE ranges between 920-929 kg/m3. It is used for strong, flexible consumer items such as screw caps and lids for bottles.  LLDPE is also commonly found in consumer packing, bags, bottles, and liners.

Please contact us with your Virgin LLDPE resin requirements;


C4-LLDPE-Blown Film
Application Density(gr/cm3) MFR(gr/10min)
(5kg,190 C)
Produce bag, medium duty sacks, refuse sacks, agricultural film. 0.920 0.5
Liner bag, medium duty sacks, refuses sacks, agricultural film. 0.920 0.5
Sealing layer, lamination, carrier and industrial bags. 0.920 0.9
Liner bags, builders reel, Co-extrusion, shrink silage, green house and mulch film. 0.920 0.9
Liner bags, deep freeze film, garment wrap, refuse and Heavy duty sacks. 0.920 0.9
Lamination film. 0.920 0.9
Lamination film, display packaging, co-extrusion 0.920 0.9
Thin film, shrink film. Blending component with PP. 0.925 0.9
Thin film, carriers bags, garment wrap. 0.925 0.9
Application Density(gr/cm3) MFR(gr/10min)
(5kg,190 C)
Heavy duty sacks , agricultural Film , mulch Film 0.920 0.6
Mulch film , mailing film 0.921 0.6
Carriers bags , mailing Film , refuse Bag 0.921 0.9
Lamination , sealing Layers in co-extrusion 0.924 0.9
Lamination , sealing layers in co-extrusion 0.925 0.9
Application Density(gr/cm3) MFR(gr/10min)(5kg,190 C)
Stretch wrap, Oriented Tape. Base resin for power cable compound insulation (low voltage), fiber optic jacketing. 0.920 2.2
High quality cast films for display packaging, non-cling layer for stretch film. Base resin for power cable compound insulation (low voltage), fiber optic jacketing.


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