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Virgin HDPE Granules and Recycled HDPE Granules

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) stands as the most robust and rigid variety of polyethylene in the realm of polyethylene applications. Its inherent strength and moderate toughness make it suitable for a broad spectrum of uses. HDPE boasts outstanding impact resistance, a lightweight nature, minimal moisture absorption, and a high tensile strength. Furthermore, HDPE is non-toxic and does not stain. If you require Virgin HDPE resin, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.



Material Application Melt Flow Density
Virgin Hdpe Granules Virgin HDPE Resin
Recycled Hdpe Granules Recycled HDPE Resin

HDPE, the sturdiest and most rigid form of polyethylene used in various applications, is characterized by its robust and moderately tough nature, rendering it suitable for a wide range of uses. HDPE is prized for its exceptional impact resistance, lightweight properties, low moisture absorption, and high tensile strength. Additionally, it is non-toxic and non-staining.

For your Virgin HDPE resin requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Injection Molding (HDPE)

Applications for HDPE injection molding resin include pails, crates, tote boxes, housewares, automotive, hardware, and sporting goods.

Material Application Melt Flow Density
HDPE Resin Injection Molding, Extrusion 5-10 ASTM D1238 .955-.964 ASTM D1505

Blow Molding (HDPE)

Applications for Fractional Melt Blow Molding Grade HDPE include industrial containers, oil bottles, personal care bottles, ice coolers, and milk jugs.

Material Application Melt Flow Density
HDPE Resin Blow Molding, Extrusion 0.3-0.7 ASTM D1238 .955-.964 ASTM D1505

High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMW)

Applications for HMW profile extrusion and film processes include pipe, drums, can liners, sheet, dunnage trays, pallets, and T-shirt bags.

Material Application Melt Flow Density
HMW Resin Film, Extrusion 0.7-0.9 ASTM D1238 .948-.949 ASTM D1505

Applications for Virgin HDPE Granules:

  1. Injection products: turnover boxes, bottle caps, barrels, hats, food containers, plates, dustbins, and boxes, among others.
  2. Blow molding products: hollow molding products, including various series of blow-molded barrels, containers, bottles, cosmetics containers, petrol tanks, and daily-use products.
  3. Blow film products: foodstuff packing bags, grocery shopping bags, chemical fertilizer lining films, etc.
  4. Extruded products: Pipes and tubes primarily used in gas transportation, public water, and chemical transport, such as building materials, gas pipes, hot water drain pipes, as well as sheet materials mainly used in seats, suitcases, and handling containers, among others.


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Virgin HDPE Granules and Recycled HDPE Granules Virgin HDPE Granules and Recycled HDPE Granules
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