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Cpu Ceramic Processor Scrap Gold Recovery

We consistently provide high-quality CPU Ceramic Processor Scrap and are prepared for prompt loading and reliable shipping. If you’re interested, please get in touch. Our shipping process is both speedy and dependable, and our prices incorporate shipping costs. We follow a CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) shipping method, and we currently have products readily available. We encourage sincere and dependable buyers to reach out to us before our stock runs out.


We offer high-quality CPU Ceramic Processor Scrap, ideal for gold recovery. Our inventory includes various types of CPU scrap, such as:

CPU Ceramic Processor Scrap,

CPU Ceramic Processor Scrap, Our best advice is to always check into the rarity and collect-ability of your computer chip before considering sending it to a precious metal recycler with the intent of scrap gold refining. It may be worth quite a bit more due to it’s collectible value than in it’s scrap gold value!

If you want to buy gold computer chips, Andy Scrap Metal LTD is one of the best places to do so. You’ll find lots of good  offering these items at competitive prices.

We are Exporting Gold Recovery CPU Ceramic Processor Scraps in the UK

1-Gold Top Cpu.
2-Gold Top&Bottom Cpu.
3-Intel 186/286/386/486/Pentium/Pentium Pro/i860/960/.
5-RAM (memorys).
We can supply on monthly basis around 10-30 tons per month of Ceramic cpu scrap for gold recovery and scrap motherboards and lan cards.
We also supply sample order from 10 KGS.

  • Intel 486 & 386 CPU
  • Intel I960 & Motorola CPU
  • Intel Pentium Pro CPU
  • AMD 486 & 586 CPU
  • Gold Top CPU
  • Gold Top & Bottom CPU
  • Intel Pentium 1
  • Computer CPU Scrap
  • Scrap Black Plastic CPU
  • Scrap Plastic CPUs
  • Ceramic Pentium Pro
  • CPU 486 ceramic

We possess substantial quantities of gold-bearing CPUs, including:

  • Intel 186 / 286 / 386 / 486 / Pentium / Pentium Pro / i86 / i960
  • Cyrix 486 / 586 / MII
  • IBM 486 / 586 / 686
  • Motorola 68000 / 88000 series
  • NEC & Toshiba MIPS series: R4000 / R8000 / R10000 / R12000

Gold recovery from ceramic CPU processors is a lucrative venture. These processors contain varying quantities of gold, making them a valuable resource. The recycling process is straightforward, requiring no preparation like the removal of IC chips from electronic boards. Cpu Ceramic Processor Scrap Gold Recovery

We welcome online orders for Ceramic Processor scrap, with a minimum order quantity of 100 kilograms. Our shipping is fast and reliable, and our prices are all-inclusive with shipment costs covered under CIF terms. We currently have stock available, so serious and dependable buyers are encouraged to contact us before our inventory is depleted.


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Cpu Ceramic Processor Scrap Gold Recovery Cpu Ceramic Processor Scrap Gold Recovery
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