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We specialize in offering an extensive selection of Recycled Paper Scrap. This range is widely utilized in the production of fresh, environmentally friendly items including elegant envelopes, greeting cards, paper bags, books, and notepads. Moreover, our paper scraps are devoid of impurities and extraneous materials. To guarantee that our offerings meet global quality standards and regulations, we subject our range to rigorous assessments across various criteria.

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Looking to Purchase Old Newspaper (ONP 8)


We offer for sale a high-quality assortment of Old Newspaper Scrap (ONP 8). This category comprises well-sorted, fresh newspapers, excluding those with sun damage, alongside other permissible papers. These materials are typically sourced through voluntary collection and curbside collection initiatives and may include magazines. OLD NEWSPAPER (ONP 8)

Key Specifications:
– Prohibitive materials limited to a maximum of 1%.
– Outthrows plus prohibitives should not exceed 3%.
– Other acceptable papers should not surpass 20%.
– Conforms to European Standard EN 643 Code: 1.09.00, classified as “Newspapers and Magazines.”
– Comprises a blend of newspapers and magazines, with each component representing at least 30%.
– Non-paper components are restricted to a maximum of 0.5%.
– Total unwanted material is capped at 1%.
– Moisture content should not exceed 12% (all papers are stored in air-dry, indoor warehouses).

Packed in bales, each weighing 20-23 metric tons per 40HQ container.

Waste Paper / Paper Scrap:

In today’s world, paper and board products are indispensable, and most of them can be reclaimed for recycling purposes. As the market demand for recycling continues to grow and environmental regulations become more stringent, the need for recycling is evident. We are a leading player in the trade of waste papers and pulp. Being one of the most trusted importers/exporters of Waste Paper Scrap in South Africa, we have a profound understanding of paper scrap procurement, marketing, and sales. OLD NEWSPAPER (ONP 8) Our clientele extends across Europe, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and China.

We have fostered strong relationships with households, vendors, suppliers, and mills, creating a collaborative network of partners locally. We can supply substantial monthly quantities of paper, both in bales and not, including the following categories:
– Old Corrugated Cartons (OCC)
– Double Sorted Old Corrugated Cartons (DSOCC)
– Over Issue News Paper (OINP)
– Old Newspaper (ONP)
– Yellow Pages or Telephone Directory
– Sorted Office Paper (SOP)
– Sorted White Ledger (SWL)
– Hard White Envelope Cuttings (HWEC)
– Hard White Shavings (HWS)
– Virgin White Tissue Waste Paper
– Coated Soft White Shaving (SWS)
– Bleached Polycups Stock
– Flyleaf Shavings
– Computer Print Out (CPO)
– Envelope Cuttings
– Mixed Waste Paper (MWP)

Key Features:
– Free from impurities
– Environmentally friendly
– Content: 99%
– Moisture: 6% max

For any inquiries or to place an order, please feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to providing top-quality recycled paper materials to meet your needs. OLD NEWSPAPER (ONP 8)

This category comprises well-sorted, fresh newspapers, excluding those with sun damage, alongside other permissible papers.


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