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Metal Scrap – HMS1 & HMS2 (Heavy Melting Steel Scrap)

Metal Scrap HMS1 and HMS2 are typically sold as a combined product, with a ratio often set at 80/20, or similar, depending on the prevailing market rates for heavy and light steel. The term “HMS” is universally recognized in the global scrap metal industry. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any of your specific requirements or inquiries.

Metal Scrap – HMS1 & HMS2 (Heavy Melting Steel Scrap)

Metal Scrap.

Metal Scrap – HMS1 & HMS2 (Heavy Melting Steel Scrap)

Metal Scrap used metals that are an important source of industrial metals and alloys, particularly in the production of steel, copper, lead, aluminum, and zinc. Smaller amounts of tin, nickel, magnesium, and precious metals are also recovered from scrap.

Impurities consisting of such organic materials as wood, plastic, paint, and fabric can be burned off. Metallic impurities may be desirable, inert, or undesirable. Undesirable ones may be diluted to tolerable proportions by the addition of pure metal, or they may be removed by refining. Scrap is usually blended and remelted to produce alloys similar to or more complex than those from which the scrap was derived

HMS1 and HMS2, which stand for Heavy Melting Steel Scrap, are widely recognized terms in the global scrap metal industry. These are generic descriptions that encompass a variety of heavy steel scrap types, typically cut to dimensions not exceeding 1.5m x 0.5m.

Metal Scrap – HMS1 & HMS2 (Heavy Melting Steel Scrap)

HMS1 consists of dense steel scrap with a minimum density of 0.7 tons per cubic meter. It does not include galvanized or blackened steel and has a minimum thickness of 1/4 inch. Specific categories include ISRI-200, ISRI-201, and ISRI-202, each optimized for charging in different dimensions.

HMS2 includes lighter steel scrap such as thin-walled tubing and sheet scrap less than 3.2mm thick. It may contain galvanized and blackened steel, with a minimum thickness of 1/8 inch. Categorized as ISRI-203, ISRI-204 (may include automobile scrap), ISRI-205 (may include automobile scrap but must be free of sheet iron or thin gauge material), and ISRI-206 (may include automobile scrap but must be free of sheet iron or thin gauge material).

Typically, HMS1 and HMS2 are sold together with a ratio of 80/20 (or similar) depending on the market rates for heavy and light scrap, making them internationally recognized terms for the industry. Feel free to contact us for any specific scrap metal needs or inquiries.

Scrap metal,

Andy Scrap Metal LTD is one of the first recycling companies which obtained Scrap Metal Import Permit License and Metal Scrap Processing in Turkey. It has a facility with 15,000 tons/month scrap metal processing capacity with its machinery park. It transports the turnovers of the enterprises operating in the metal processing sector and metal scraps generating from plant revisions to its facilities through a large vehicle park.

 Metal scraps are supplied to iron and steel factories and foundries as main raw materials after they are subjected to shredding and baling processes if required. Apart from the main metals of the industry such as Iron-Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, and stainless, special alloy metals, cobalt, nickel, titanium, etc. It also provides the supply of metals. In addition to these services, Andy Scrap Metal LTD has the permissions to Import and Export scrap metal from free zones and abroad, in case of need.


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