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Recycled PET Bottle Material

Usually PET Bottle Material , this consists of a grade labeled as 80/20, comprising around 80% clear or natural color PET bottles, with the remaining 20% consisting of colored PET bottles, such as blue, green, brown, and so on. These bottles are typically gathered from various sources, including households, commercial establishments, and industrial collection systems. They often come complete with caps and labels. The volume we manage typically ranges from 1000 to 1500 metric tons of these bottles, which are packaged in either bales or briquettes for transportation and processing.

Recycled PET Bottle Material – Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

Recycled PET Bottle Material.

Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (R-PET) is one of the most used and most recycled plastics. As an extremely durable and versatile material, recycled PET applications go far beyond the PET-bottle Scrap FOR SALE .

Recycled PET Bottle Scrap Material Due to the variety of its material properties, virgin PET represents a highly valuable plastic material and is widely used, for example for beverage bottles. Similarly, recycled PET may be used for many applications such as food packaging and non-food packaging, automotive parts, technical and textile fibres such as clothing, carpets and bedding. Also the building industry is making use of Buy  PET regrind for example as isolation

R-PET material properties

PET in its natural state is colourless but the colour and tone of R-PET can be easily matched according to the desired application and product. The relevant colour masterbatches for R-PET material are available on cirplus. Depending on the source of the recycled PET, both colourless as well as coloured PET regrinds are available. Furthermore, PET is a relatively heavy polymer with a density of 1.37 g / cm³. However, since R-PET granules can be processed with thin walls, it appears very lightweight. Recycled PET Bottle Material

The molecular structure of recycled PET varies depending on the application, i.e. R-PET is available in semi-crystalline or amorphous (transparent) form. Moreover, R-PET granules are available in different intrinsic viscosity (IV) values and rigidity degrees. Next to a good gas barrier, recycled PET also has a fair moisture barrier

Due to its molecular structure as well as the chemical composition, recycled PET offers very stable crystallization, thermal and mechanical properties, which are often comparable with those of virgin PET. To sum up, PET recyclates, PET regrind and R-PET granules, often also called repro PET pellets, are of very high material quality and can easily replace the virgin counterpart. Recycled PET Bottle Material

Product Information Details
Type PET Flakes
Style Hot Washed
Color Light Blue
Feature High Quality
Origin South Africa

Main Specifications:

Specifications Values
Bulk density 250-350 Kg/m3
Average flake size 10 – 14 mm
Intrinsic Viscosity 0.77 (±0.2) dl/g
Moisture ≤0.7 %
PE, PP <10 PPM
Paper/Wood <10 PPM
Glue <50 PPM
Coloured PET Flake (Not inc blue) <800 PPM
Blue flake content 10 – 20 %
Dust <1.0 %
Aluminium/Metal <25 PPM
Grade Bottle Flake, Cool Washed, Hot Washed
Colored 100% Clear, Clear/Blue, Clear/Blue/White
Form Flake
Feature Recycled
Minimum Order Quantity 25 Ton/Tons
Port Any port
Packaging Details Packing: 25, 40, 500, 1000 Kgs per Bag
Packing Material: Paper bag, Woven (Upon Request)

Additional Information:

  • Typically, this is an 80/20 grade consisting of approximately 80% natural color PET bottles and the remaining portion being colored PET bottles (blue, green, brown, etc.).
  • The bottles are usually collected from households, commercial establishments, and industrial collection systems.
  • These bottles come with caps and labels.
  • We handle a volume of approximately 1000-1500 metric tons of these bottles.
  • They are packaged in bale or briquette form.

Other Products Offered:

In addition to PET Flakes, we also offer a range of other products, including Virgin PET Granule/Recycled Pet Granules, 100% PET Preform Scrap, Hdpe Milk Bottle Regrind, and Mixed Rigid Plastic Scrap. Recycled PET Bottle Material

Depending on the source and quality, recycled PET is available in food-grade and non-food grades. Besides the below-mentioned material properties of R-PET, the purification efficiency of the used PET recycling technology is essential in this case. Recycled PET Bottle Material

Recycled PET Bottle Material The food-grade quality of the recycled PET (food grade R-PET) is ensured by a so-called “challenge test”, which assesses the efficiency of a recycling technology to extract contaminations in the input material to a concentration which does not pose a risk to human health. The challenge test on PET recyclates is evaluated by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) or U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The main applications of non-food recycled PET grades are fibres for textiles and packaging


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Recycled PET Bottle Material Recycled PET Bottle Material
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