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We specialize in providing a wide selection of Waste Paper Scrap, which finds extensive applications in the production of various new products, including exquisite envelopes, greeting cards, paper bags, books, and notepads. Our paper scraps are also devoid of impurities and other extraneous materials. To maintain international quality standards and norms, our range undergoes rigorous scrutiny on various parameters.


Yellow Pages- Telephone directory Yellow Pages.

Telephone directory Yellow Pages.

We specialize in exporting Copy Papers and waste paper. The paper scraps we provide are environmentally friendly and are primarily utilized in recyclable industries. Our offerings include OCC waste paper, which is 100% cardboard, presented in bales and sourced from post-industrial collections from private companies.

We meticulously follow a systematic process at each stage to ensure that our product lineup is developed in accordance with specific requirements.

Our product range includes:
1. Old Yellow Pages (OYP) or Over Issued Yellow Pages (OIYP).
2. Old Telephone Directories (OTD) or Over Issued Telephone Directories (OITD).

We have a variety of paper quantities available, including both scrap in bales and non-scrap materials. These include:

1. Old Corrugated Cartons (OCC)
2. Double Sorted Old Corrugated Cartons (DSOCC)
3. Over Issue News Paper (OINP)
4. Old Newspaper (ONP)
5. Sorted Office Paper (SOP)
6. Sorted White Ledger (SWL)
7. Hard White Envelope Cuttings (HWEC)
8. Hard White Shavings (HWS)
9. Virgin White Tissue Waste Paper
10. Coated Soft White Shaving (SWS)
11. Bleached Polycups Stock
12. Flyleaf Shavings
13. Computer Print Out (CPO)
14. Envelope Cuttings
15. Mixed Waste Paper (MWP)

Our product range is widely utilized in the production of various new items such as attractive envelopes, greeting cards, paper bags, books, and notepads. These paper scraps are carefully processed to be free from impurities and other contaminants. We rigorously inspect our range on diverse parameters to ensure it meets international quality standards and norms.

At Andy Scrap Metal ltd, our mission is to offer a wide range of products, including Yellow Brass Honey Scrap, Ship Breaking Yellow Brass Scrap, Mixed Waste Paper (MWP), Envelope Cuttings (Type A), and Hard White Envelope Cutting Waste Paper (HWEC).


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Telephone directory Yellow Pages Telephone directory Yellow Pages
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