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Scrap Battery Prices

Scrap Battery Prices

Scrap Battery Prices.

Scrap Battery Prices at Andy Scrap Metal LTD Bring in your car batteries and other scrap metals to Andy Scrap Metal LTD. We buy and sell all types of batteries including forklift batteries, however we do not buy Ni-cad batteries, only lead acid batteries.

How can you identify lead acid batteries Look for the letters “Pb”. If you can see “Pb” on your battery if you can find that then know you have the right lead drain Acid- battery scrap as its a lead battery. Scrap Battery Prices

What Are Scrap ELV Batteries – Scrap Battery Prices.

Scrap Battery Prices ELV batteries are a common grade of scrap lead! They are sought after in the scrap industry and most reputable metal dealers will recycle them safely and for a great scrap price.

As it’s name implies, these scrap batteries can be found in end of life vehicles (ELVs) and must be recycled by professional scrap yards for safety reasons

If you’re looking to recycle your car’s battery, then please make an enquiry with Scrap Local. We’ll connect you to a local recycling agent who can help you find what you need hassle-free.

Looking to recycle your car batteries and other automotive scrap.

For years, Andy Scrap Metal LTD has been buying and selling lead-acid batteries for scrap metal. We provide up to date scrap prices for lead batteries from trucks, cars and other vehicles. For updated scrap battery prices contact us for a quote for any amount of you might have, we also give bulk quotes.

The most common type of battery is lead acid, used for cars, vans, lorries, boats, motorcycles, and even the UPS backups that you connect your computer to. Lead batteries are always going to be marked with the letters “Pb” on them (lead’s periodic table letters)

Lead batteries are extremely useful, long-lasting, and you will always be able to recycle them at Reclamet.

Here are some places that lead batteries will come out of.

  • Cars, Trucks, Vans, and other (non-hybrid) vehicles.
  • Motorcycles and scooters.
  • Data Centre’s for backing up the servers.
  • Cell Phone Towers.
  • UPS Backups for your computer.

Our battery recycling service – Scrap Battery Prices.

We buy and sell scrap lead acid batteries from scrap metal merchants, ELV operators, battery retailers and waste contractors across Andy Scrap group. Offering the best scrap battery prices in Andy Scrap Metal LTD, we also provide collection for bulk amounts.

How much are scrap batteries worth.

Some battery recyclers might offer rates per battery, most commonly scrap rates are priced per tonne. Scrap battery prices can change everyday, its main metal of value is lead. Sometimes you can be paid more if you deliver your battery, you might also receive a higher rate for bulk quantities of batteries.

Who can scrap car batteries.

Anyone can scrap car batteries and receive payment for doing so, garages and mechanics often acquire batteries, we pay top prices for all old, disused or dead batteries. Auto businesses can benefit significantly due to the amount of lead acid batteries scrap  they produce in there line of work. Mobile scrap collectors can use our scrap quote form and give us a call for the best rates for reselling.

Business profit opportunities

Our service provides businesses with additional revenue from the collection and recycling of waste batteries.

Are car batteries hazardous waste.

Yes. They contain acid which is a hazardous material. CLICK HERE FOR WHOLESALE PRICES

Why recycle my battery.
The lead-in car batteries is up to 99% recycled making them one of the most recycled consumer products in the world, reducing the need for new raw materials and components. The lead and acid from batteries can end up spilling into streams, lakes and landfills causing damage to the environment which is why properly disposing of them is so important.

Benefits of battery recycling.

  • Help build a cleaner world for future generations
  • Prevent harm to humans and wildlife
  • Protect the environment
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill

Battery recycling and scrap collection service

At ANDY SCRAP METAL LTD we are dedicated to caring for the environment and believe that scrap batteries should be recycled and disposed of responsibly. For larger quantities we offer a free collection service and pay top scrap prices.


Scrap Battery Prices

Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap Battery Prices

Scrap Battery Prices

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